Are you ready??

Here at Hilltop Acres we are excited to be able to help you not only to acquire a new pup but to be able to help you once your pup comes home.  House training, potty training, behavioral issues OH MY!!!  It can be a overwhelming experience for both the experienced and new puppy families.  Thankfully we do have the power of technology and the internet to at least halfway fumble through the dreadful stages of puppyhood. 
Most pups are ready to venture on their new journeys at 8 weeks old but their training/conditioning needs not to end here.  We highly recommend  to follow through with the Puppy Culture program and to purchase the Puppy Culture video before your pup arrives.  This will give you a clear view of how your pup is being raised and how you can continue his/her training.  We also recommend watching the invaluable FREE recorded video from MadCap University, joining the Puppy Culture Discussion group on Facebook and joining Poop School located on the Facebook platform.



No, not the yowling and crying out when things don’t go their way.  The actual communication through behavioral cues.
For many years puppies have been raised using various techniques.  Here at Hilltop Acres we have discovered a new technique of raising  pups that involves the whole family and it  actually can be fun and adventurous for not only you but the puppy as well.    We have learned that puppies actually have a  VOICE and if we listen then the training process goes a lot smoother and is more enjoyable. 
 A puppies VOICE is their way of communicating to us through behavioral cues.  Such as direct eye contact, a certain movement, behavior or activity.
For example:  when a puppy is playing then suddenly stops, moves away from the area some and starts sniffing the floor.  That’s their cue that they need to potty.  That is their Voice!!!  Its really that simple. 
There are many more of these “cues” that we can learn and know how to communicate with our pups.

Once we learn their cues its like magic!!  The puppies excel in their developmental and housetraining skills.  They become a integrated part of the family faster and there is less stress and frustration in the air for both the puppy and us!! 
Where the Magic Begins….
Here at Hilltop Acres we lay the foundation to build on once your pup comes home.  This magic begins before the pups are even born.  At this time the pups learn our touch while in utero.  They can’t hear or see but they can feel.  This preconditions the pups to become comfortable with our touch. 
Once the pups are born we begin a series of neurological stimulation exercises that help them to be more adaptable to stressful situations later in life.  This also continues their adaptation of being touched and handled.   Pups are basically helpless the first few weeks of their lives.  They depend solely on their mom.   They can’t see or hear but they can feel.  These exercise’s help the pups neuroglial system to develop faster, have a greater tolerance to stress, stronger heart, stronger heartbeat, stronger adrenal system and learn that being handled is a pleasant experience.  This is also a major key factor to socialization. 
The Voice…
Puppies begin to communicate with each other between 14-21 days.  They also start becoming a part of our world.  Their initial interactions with us are mostly puppy growls, mouthing and barks but quickly they begin to communicate with us through behavioral cues.  Here at Hilltop Acres we have discovered that by using the guidance of a strategic program called Puppy Culture, we have learned to communicate with the pups and give them their VOICE!!!
Understanding this voice and learning a pups behavioral cues is (in our opinion) a must to be able to keep your sanity during the puppy phases.  Frustration and hopelessness can build quickly if your not able to communicate with your pup and understand their needs.  We highly recommend puppy families to purchase the Puppy Culture DVD, The Powerful First 12 weeks, BEFORE purchasing a pup or brining your newly reserved pup home.  Its an amazing program that helps you understand how your pup has been raised and how to communicate with your pup.  

Please Note:  Our pups are not “TRAINED”.  We have only laid a foundation for YOU to build on once the pup comes home.  They have learned to communicate with us and have been conditioned to potty training, crate training, leash walking and proper pup/human behavioral interactions.  It is up to you to continue the pups conditioning to become a trained individual.