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Reviews and Feedback — 21 Comments

  1. Greetings Janice and Bernard. I wanted to thank you both sincerely for our new little pal Nemo. He is healthy, playful, smart and growing. Your care, expertise and follow through are outstanding. I am going to send you some pictures of this well adjusted little bundle of joy. I found working with you delightful. It is apparent that you are compassionate and knowledgeable about this breed and Keith and I could not be happier with our sweetheart.
    Thank you for upholding such high standards and your continued support.

  2. Janice is quite literally an angel sent from heaven. From the minute that we got in contact till now I couldn’t speak more highly of her as a person and of her services.
    She offered comprehensive information about the puppies, live video calls and so much knowledgeable advice.
    Despite it not working out for me this time, she worked tirelessly to find the puppy a new home.
    I can tell that every single puppy under her care is treated with the best; they are healthy, happy dogs; and she has wisdom flowing from her.
    Janice has gone above and beyond what I would expect of a breeder, and is a shining light in this world, making up for all the bad people out there.
    If you are looking for a miniature pinscher puppy that will be your best friend for life, stay healthy and have the support of a knowledgeable breeder, then look no further. Janice and her puppies are the answer to your prayers!

  3. Thankyou Paula! It was a pleasure working with you and helping you aquire your beautiful baby girl!

  4. Breeder Janice so good on texts , updates etc when puppies born. Plus she is funny ! Friendly too! Good advices on mini pinscher. I love Janice like a sisters ! We are deaf new owners of mini Merle harlequin pincher beautiful colors !!! I would buy puppy again in near future if my husband let me Lol ! Puppy Pepper girl name so good @ training pads by front door !!! We still take her outside for bathroom also . We put training pad on our bed in case we sleeping.she sleep in middle / love sleep under covers too We spoil her lol ! She did that too ! Wow ! Pepper seem so smart sweet , full of energy! I trust Janice as So good Breeder and her website so good not like scam nooo! I had experience with website scam on puppies/ kittens before . My daughter researched found Janice ‘s website that isn’t scam yay !!! I love Janice gave a gift for new puppy when I met her on traveling that helped alot . To kept pepper busy w/ new toys , food etc. My husband fell in love with puppy as we walked in home from traveling. She is smaller beautiful colors. My husband’s side family offered to buy our new beautiful small puppy . We both say no ! We cherish our new puppy . Thank you for being understanding, funny , caring , friendly!! She deserves a award as best Breeder for mini pinscher harlequin. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  5. Breeder owner for Mini pinscher . She very good on texts, updates when puppies born , send us a pic of puppies to pick out. I love her gave a gift for my new puppy Pepper like dry puppy food , toys . That helped alot for traveling . Also she has good advices abt Vet , what kind medicine is safe for mini pinschers . Plus Janice ( breeder) is funny / friendly too ! I love her like sisters 💗 my deaf husband fell in love with our puppy right away as puppy / I got home from travel . Janice so good to train bec our puppy quickly use training pad @ front door wow ! We still take her outside for bathroom of course . She so little like tiny sweet puppy she so full of energy playful till she fall asleep 😴 💤 I trust her very much !!!

  6. Thankyou Karen for your kind words!! It was my pleasure to work with you and help you aquire DJ and Sofie..

  7. Janice at Hilltop Acres is by far the best! Thanks for accepting me and my family into your family and blessing us with Sophie Rose and DJ (proud to say FJ is a 3rd generation Harlequin being the grandson pup of Mayhem, the first Harlequin). I have to say that my 9 year old grandson, Lil Eddie, thinks DJ is the most special boy in the world with DJ’s Grandfather being the first Harlequin. See the History of the Harlies and you will see him listed there. Both my babies are HPA registered (Sophie being a Tri-colored Harlie and DJ being a Merle/Brindle Harlie). They are awesome pups, who came from different litters, 5 weeks apart. Janice was awesome at introducing the two of them and letting them spend time together when DJ was 4 weeks old and Sophie was 9 weeks. Because it was so important to me to have my babies bonded Janice was sweet enough to keep Sophie for me until DJ was ready to come home. The result … a VERY bonded pair that are constantly intertwined with one another. I wouldn’t trade either of them for the world. Thank you Janice for being so awesome and for raising such great quality pups!

  8. We have recently purchased a Harlequin Min-Pin from Hilltop Acres/Janice Burns in May of 2017. We had been looking to add another member to our family, when we came across Hilltop Acres website. Having Black and Tan boys for 4 years, it’s our first experience with a Harlequin, and after speaking with Janice and seeing her puppies, we didn’t need to search any further. After talking with Janice about what our needs were, she guided us toward one of her Dilute, Blue and Tan Merle males. He was only four weeks old, so,we had lots of time to love him from afar. We enjoyed the constant pictures and videos of him and his litter mates.
    Janice is a true professional in the knowledge of her breed. She has great skills in matching puppies to their forever homes! She is a wealth of information in regards to puppy training and what to expect in the first year. Her “puppy package” was sent two weeks before we received our new pup, which was full of many things that made the transition effortless. We read all about what to expect, how to prepare, and assist us in how to raise our new family addition.
    Janice and her family raised the pups in their own home, surrounded by lots of love and exposure to normal household functions.
    Janice is an honest breeder, having strong moral principles, who abides by HPA standards. Her integrity is allowing this breed to move forward.
    We consider Janice a friend for life, and will gladly use her expertise as a source of information on raising our Harlequin Min-Pin!
    Thank you so much for our Jasper, our love for him fills our hearts, and he makes us laugh every day!
    Paula D. and Vickie C.

  9. We just purchased a lil male Rusty, from Jan she was amazing to deal with. She was right on time with everything she promised. We had him shipped by air and he arrived healthy and full of spirit right when she said he would be there. If you are in the market for a new puppy i would recommend her any day. Hes been into the vet and is really healthy and has become a great addition to the family. Thank you for everything.

  10. We have had the most wonderful experience with Jan. we recently lost our precious CoCo and were considering getting a new girl to fill the void left in our hearts when we saw a posting by Jan on a Facebook page. After seeing photos of past pups I immediately commented letting Jan know I was interested in an upcoming pup. Less than two weeks later I woke up and on my phone was a text from Jan letting me know a litter had arrived and she even included pictures of the new babies! There was a GORGEOUS fawn in the litter and I knew right away this was my baby. Jan sent me photos and updates weekly. She sent me photos and texts of anything cute my baby did. I literally felt as though I was able to watch my baby grow! When the time came to meet and get my new baby girl Jan worked with me on a meeting time and place. My new girl came fully vet checked with a health guarantee, microchipped and even a bag full of toys and goodies. Jan had worked with her on using a puppy pad for potty training and she is doing great with that!! I have already been put on the list for the next litter as I’m want a harlequin. Doing business with Jan was a pleasure. I look forward to doing business with her again! She is an A+ breeder with beautiful pups! She is very informative and helpful. Whether you have experience with Min Pin’s or not she is well educated and always ready and willing to help in any way and answer any questions you may have.

  11. I can honestly say we had a WONDERFUL experience with Mrs. Jan and Hilltop Harlequins. We were looking for a merle, harlequin pinscher as a companion for our current miniature pinscher. As this was our first time receiving a pure-bred, we called around looking for a reputable and ethical breeder who’s views aligned with ours (which seems hard to find these days). Mrs. Jan was the ONLY breeder I truly felt a connection with because she answered all of my questions above and beyond without ANY hesitation. She made us feel that we knew her for years because she is extremely personable, warm, and friendly. From our first, hour-long conversation, we knew that we wanted a pup from Hilltop Harlequins because it was evident that Mrs. Jan GENUINELY cares and loves her dogs (among all of her animals)- she treats them like family. After ending our phone call, we INSTANTLY put down our deposit to reserve our pup, Quinn (before he was even born). By putting our deposit down before anyone else, we had first pick of the litters (which was a tough decision because ALL of the pups were so darn cute and were an array of colors). Mrs. Jan was kind enough to send us photos of the adult dogs and where the pups would stay after they were born (which is in her home).

    Mrs. Jan kept us informed during each step of the way by texting us before birth, during birth, and after birth. She called us with any questions she had and was VERY respectful and understanding of our wishes, as we didn’t want Quinn’s tail docked or dew claws removed. Mrs. Jan also sent us weekly photos/videos (usually more than once a week) and frequent updates on Quinn and his littermates. She informed us of Quinn’s personality, likes/dislikes, growth, etc., which made us feel like we knew him since the day he was born. As a result, Mrs. Jan made our experience very enjoyable and special.

    When the 8 weeks approached, we decided to make the drive from Ohio to Arkansas to pick up Quinn. We didn’t mind making the 14-hour drive because we knew we were going to receive a very loved and quality pup. In addition, Mrs. Jan and her family were SO kind and hospitable to let us stay at their home and texted us along our trip to ensure we arrived safely. She and her family showed us around their property and from our visit, it was even more clear that they are a truly caring, loving, and wonderful family. Quinn also knew his name from the moment we met him. Mrs. Jan was amazing to work with and she is SO accommodative. As we departed, Mrs. Jan sent us home with a blanket that carried the scent of Quinn’s parents and littermates. She also gave us bag of goodies for Quinn (now some of his favorite toys)!

    Quinn was wonderful on the long ride home and basically slept the entire way. He did not seem to have any travel issues and as soon as we got home, he made himself very comfortable! We took him to the vet within 2 days of having him home and he received a CLEAN bill of health. He and our min-pin girl are getting along wonderfully! He fits right in with our family and is a pure JOY to have added to our little pinscher family. It was not only great to receive such a beautiful and well-cared for pup, but to have made a special friendship with Mrs. Jan along the way. I can truly say she is an amazing woman who takes care of SO much and is GREAT at everything she does.

    We HIGHLY recommend purchasing a pup from Hilltop Harlequins and will continue to refer others to Mrs. Jan. We would DEFINITELY love to have this experience all over again and I would not hesitate to contact Mrs. Jan FIRST when we are looking for another fur baby. I intend to keep in contact with Mrs. Jan and continue to text her weekly with photos of Quinn and questions I have about puppy training. She ALWAYS offers great advice and is willing to work with us with any concerns we may have.

    Hilltop Harlequins offers a 5-star experience and 5-star puppies. You will NOT regret your decision on purchasing a pup from Mrs. Jan at Hilltop Harlequins.

  12. Its Debbie again with the follow up I promised. Before I start bragging on Evie I need to brag on Jan first. I can honestly say you will not find a breeder who is more sweet and dedicated as Mrs. Jan. When you talk to her she makes you feel like you have known each other for years, and I don’t know about you but that’s very important to me and says a lot about how she treats her animals. She is very kind and extremely helpful. I have owned puppies/dogs my whole life, but this is my first pure bred/small breed pet so I had several questions for her to jog my memory (it’s been at least 5 years since I had puppy!)and Jan thoroughly answered all of my questions.

    Now for Evie, I have had my baby for two days now and she is adjusting wonderfully 🙂 She listens well and is very well behaved (as much as a 9-week old can be :P) and I can tell she has already been worked with. She knows her name, she understands the word “No”, and even knows when it’s time for bed. A mega plus!!!!, she sleeps quietly through the night! Unless something wakes her up then she has to go out and potty, but goes back to back with little complaint once she is put back in her bed. I was extremely impressed with this.

    The only issue we are having is she is refusing to use her puppy pad in the house. She is doing great with going outside, but we have had a few accidents. Jan and I discussed it (there’s that helpfulness I was talking about, even after I have brought Evie home) and we figure she might be acting out and testing her boundaries. We are still working on the indoor potty issue but other than that she is picture perfect. Evie gets very playful but after a while she wants to snuggle up with me and take a nap. All of these things Jan kept me up to date on as she grew so I haven’t had any surprises. If I wanted a snapshot, I got a picture of my girl and of her parents if I asked for it, and she always gave me random updates on what her personality was becoming. She also sent me video of her once she was old enough to up and running around.

    Jan breeds very happy, healthy, and well socialized puppies (not to mention beautiful!!). They know they are loved and cared for. Evie did have a slight problem when she was about 3 weeks old. She gave us a scare and got sick, but the moment she did Jan kept a closer eye on her, and let me know immediately that Evie was ill. She did literally EVERYTHING she could to make her better. Jan took Evie to two different vets to see what the problem was, which btw turned out to be a wormer sensitivity, something that can occur but doesn’t typically. Once we figured that out Jan changed the type of wormer she used for Evie and she has been 100% healthy ever since. But when Evie wasn’t feeling well Jan kept her with her when she could, and texted/called me with updates and changes in Evie’s condition. In that stressful two weeks Jan also assured me she would refund my deposit or, as luck would have it, Evie had a half-sister from Shadow that could have been her twin that was still available so she offered her to me if I decided I wasn’t comfortable with Evie. But PRAISE THE LORD Evie did get better so it did not come to that. When Jan and I were talking about Evie’s issue she told me this is the first puppy to have developed this sensitivity and she has been breeding min pins for over 15 years. Like I said everything worked out well and I couldn’t be more pleased. 

    Evie is happy and very healthy, with the mannerism to prove it. If in the future I decide Evie needs another min pin for a roommate I will be getting her (maybe a him we’ll see lol) from Janice Burns. She is highly recommended and I will gladly discuss my experience with you if you need it. :)If you want a 5 star Miniature Pinscher talk to Jan Burns, I promise you get the best puppy you could ask for because s/he will be born into the best foundation home a puppy could have :)

  13. Jan has been wonderful! I have been in touch with her about my little Evie since before she was even born. She has always answered all of my questions and encourages any I may have. I get updates on Evie’s attitude and what she’s doing along with pictures of my baby girl weekly, and I can’t wait to get her!! All of her puppies are beautiful and look very healthy. For example, my Evie was the smallest and she is already as chubby as her brothers and sister 🙂 About another month to go 🙂 I will definitely follow up with more when my baby comes home. Evie’s mama is beautiful and so is her daddy!!! Cherry and Tobie made beautiful babies and I’m lucky enough to have one. I would highly recommend buying a puppy from Jan Burns, she really cares about all of her pups, and she is good at what she does.

  14. My name is Cheryl Arzoumanian. I have 2 of the most perfect loving puppies. They are now 5 months old. Chika is so calm and smart. She knows over 50 commands by voice and by hand sign. Her little sister Bon Bon is just as smart. I want to tell everyone Bon Bon is very sensitive. I have another miniature pinscher, her name is Pixie. Bon Bon let me know that something was wrong. Pixie had seizures. When I talked to Janis I found out both of Bon Bon parents are the same. This doesn’t end here, I was outside working in my garden when Bon Bon came out on the deck. She let me know something was wrong. It was my husband, he was on the floor having a heart attack. He is doing well because of a sweet little girl called Bon Bon. Thank you Janis for being a big part of my family. I can’t say enough about you or your dogs… You are a gift from god.

  15. Hello, My name is Cheryl and I want to tell you how wonderful the puppies are here. I was looking for a miniature pincher puppy on puppy finder. I found the cutest pups I have ever seen. But I was to late they all had homes. So I contacted Janice Burns. We talked and she promised me the pick of her next litter. You would of thought it ended there. But no, Janice and I talk once a week in the beginning. She sent me pictures of Momma, and let me know about when they would be born. As weeks went by she helped me to get everything I would need for my puppy. Helped me get the right books so I would be ready for my little girl. Janice went out of her way to send me updated pictures of Momma. Her dogs are family and live in the House not a dirty kennel. After a few weeks we talked almost everyday. I had so many questions, Janice was great. She said there was no such thing as a silly question. As it got close to puppy day, she sent me a video of Momma’s belly moving around. Then came the big day. The puppies started coming. Janice sat with Momma the whole time. Never leaving her side. She sent me pictures as each puppy arrived. 6 of the most precious puppies were born. And the last one was my Little Chika. As I waited through the 8 weeks before she could come home. Janice sent me pictures of my puppy everyday. She taught her to use the wee wee pads. Taught her name and to ride in the crate in the car. Gave her a bath and sent me pictures. Trimmed her nails, she taught my little girl everything. Through the 8 weeks I got weekly updates on her weight an vet appointments. I have never had anyone care for their dogs like her before. As we got down to the last couple weeks, the little black an tan female became available. The family who wanted her changed their mind. So I asked Janice if I could have her too. So Little Chika an Little Bon Bon were mine. So it was the big day to fly them out to my in Pennsylvania. Janice made the day great. She sent me pictures of my sweet girls in their carrier. She even took a video of their plane taking off. Janice paid extra so my puppies had their on person to carry them on and off the planes. Plus paid to have them cared for between flights. We talked that day, each time they were going up and when they were landing. And we both counted down the last seconds before they landed for the last time. Most breeders end talking with you after the money changes hands. Janice is still in our lives. So if your looking for a special puppy to be part of your family. Take the time to talk with Janice. And you will get the best and most loving puppy ever. You can check on Chika and Bon Bon on my Facebook (Cheryl Arzoumanian). And if you have any questions please call me. (570) 369 – 3489. I just can’t thank Janice and her family more.

  16. Janice…my lil man Harley has been a God send. I didn’t ever think I could find a min-pin to fill the void left in my heart from the loss of my sweet baby girl Zoey that I had had for 12 years. I felt like part of my heart died with her…but then I saw the pic of my lil man and my heart just about burst. I have never been so anxious for a phone call In my life. You made me feel like a friend when I told you my story and I knew you could feel my pain and understand my loss. Harley has been who I needed in my life to fill the emptiness left by the death of my baby girl. I feel like God sent me to you and my lil man. He has become a member of my family. He has even drawn my boyfriend into his web… Lol! Thank you and your family for raising my lil man into a well adjusted and socialized puppy.

  17. I want to say first off that Jan is great with her puppies! After having a previous min pin pass away we were debating wether or not to get another Min Pin. Not because we didn’t like the breed, because we thought it was going to be hard replacing what we had lost for a dog. Well I have to say that “LITTLE LEWEY” we got off of Jan has been nothing but a GREAAAAT puppy. You can tell Jan took the time to give him loves and socialized him well with other dogs and people! Lewey is now our bundle of joy and always keeps us on our toes! and was the BEST WEDDING PRESENT to ourselves we could have wanted!!! In ending this I want to say that In the future if we decide to purchase another puppy it will definetly be from HILLTOP HARLEQUINS. It was a pleasure! =)

  18. ***** FIVE STARS…..We would like to take the time to let anyone who maybe considering buying a puppy from Hilltop Harlequins that our experience from start to finish was phenomenal. Jan by far was very professional and knowledgeable. From our first phone call Jan was ready and willing to answer all of our questions we had about the Harlequin Pinscher and her puppies. Just by speaking with Jan the first time it was obvious that she cared and loved her puppies. Jan matched us with the perfect little Min Pin and we proceeded with the all time dreadful internet purchasing. Of course we had some apprehension about purchasing an animal over the internet after speaking with quite a few breeders from other sites and even running into the proverbial scammers using puppy pics and then attempting to get us to western union them funds for a shipper to bring the puppy to our home! But with Jan we felt totally comfortable and did not think for a minute it was another scam. She assured us that the little angel we selected was ours. She removed her from all websites immediately. She answered all of our questions freely, kept us updated on her progress and sent us many photos and even videos of our little angel from the day we selected her until the day she came into my arms. The day we picked her up from the airport was wonderful as well. As soon as the crate was placed on the counter top it was clear and obvious that we not only had a pup with good blood lines but also one that had been totally loved and socialized by Jan prior to shipping.
    This puppy arrived with personality plus and in perfect health. She was ready to play right out of the box. If you purchase a puppy from this first class and professional breeder you may rest assured that you will be adding not only a new friend to your family but also receiving a healthy and well adjusted pet that will be ready to give you many puppy kisses and love that only a dog can give.

    Felicia Newton, Omaha Nebraska

  19. We had the most wonderful experience with Jan and Hilltop Harlequins. We had just lost our precious baby Min Pin girl, Rosie, to an auto immune disease and cancer. It was a very difficult time with her untimely departure, as we will always love and miss her. My husband thought maybe we could find another red Min Pin that somewhat resembled our baby girl that maybe our hearts would not hurt so bad. So, I went online and found Lil’ Anne from Hilltop Harlequins. I just knew she was the one for us. I called the number on the website and Jan answered my call. She made me fell like we had been friends forever. She felt the pain in our hearts when I told her the story of our little girl Rosie and right away was so sweet and caring. I explained to Jan what we were looking for in general description and personality. We found that Lil’ Anne was still available and Jan described her personality,description and energy level to me. I knew then that she was a pretty and was the little girl we so desperately needed to help us through our painful heart ache. I told Jan that I needed time to speak with my husband and that it may be the next day or so before I could get back with her with an answer. Jan said no problem and posted Lil’ Anne as pending right away. Jan sent me pictures right away so I could show my husband. I ran over to where my husband was working and told him that I found the baby for us! He climbed off the machine he was on and looked at the pictures. With a smile he instantly called Jan back. While my husband was speaking with Jan he spells out our heart felt pain of our loss of our baby girl Rosie and Jan was so warm and caring. It was a miracle in the making. He had told Jan about a “white crest”, I call it that was on Rosie’s chest and wondered if Lil’ Anne had a white mark on hers. Jan said,”You know last night she was all red but as we are speaking I have just noticed a small patch of white forming in the center of her chest”. This was exciting!!! As Jan and my husband continued to talk she told him how she had been turned down by other potential buyers because she didn’t have the energy level they were looking for and that she was more loveable and cuddly because of this. Laid back personality. Andy at that time began to ask Jan about travel arrangements and how we could be assured that we were going to get Lil’ Anne. After being assured that Lil’ Anne was ours by Jan we made arrangements for payment and Jan imediately pulled her ad from the website. Jan was so wonderful. She made arrangements for Lil’ Anne to travel to Colorado all the way from Arkansas for us and kept in touch with us daily and sending us new pictures daily to keep us assured that she was coming!! With the heartfelt love from Jan for our loss of our beloved baby girl, and the need and urgency for the arrival of our new baby girl, Jan found some very special storks who could bring her out to us in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. She made all the arrangements, as well getting her all checked out by her vet just two days prior to her long journey to Colorado. The two storks she found could not have been more appropriate. THey didn’t deliver just to a pickup site but all the way to our home in Howard, Colorado. I was very comfortable with them from the first moment they walked up on our porch. And in today’s society, you just don’t see that anymore. They had somewhat fell in love with Lil’ Anne on the way out here and knew she was important to us. We got to visit for a couple of hours but then they had to get back on the road. I felt such good vibes from them that we invited them to stay and share the Thanksgiving holiday with us since they were so far from home on our behalf. But they said they appreciated the offer but needed to go. Jan became our special Angel and we still keep in touch and share pictures of Lil’ Anne with her. We will continue to share our pictures as Lil’ Anne grows. Jan is truly an Angel sent from heaven above, we feel in our hearts she was sent to us by our precious baby girl Rosie that God had called home. Rosie found and chose Lil’Anne to be that special little girl that would help fill the empty and achy spot in our hearts. Our Rosie knew we could never get over the pain of losing her but thought that if she sent us Lil’ Anne then just maybe it would help heal my broken heart and I would know that she was OK and didn’t hurt anymore. We all believe that Rosie gave Lil’ Anne the white crest so we would know she was the one. It was like it happened over night and so fast. We will forever have a special place in our hearts for Rosie and she will be much more than a memory. Lil’ Anne found a place in our hearts the moment she arrived. I knew she had come from a special loving home and not just a dog breeder. Jan is truely an Angel from whom our baby girl Rosie had found and sent to us. She takes pride in her dogs and gives them lots of attention. They are family to her and her husband and her son. She takes special care with her clients and shows respect. Her heart is filled with so much love to people as well as her Min Pins. She is truly an inspiration of hope and a ray of sunshine for those of us that need a little smile to get thru. I knew from the first day I spoke to her that I wouldn’t have any issues with trusting her with sending her money and not getting Lil’ Anne or Lil’ Anne not being what we thought she would be. And I would buy through Jan and Hilltop Harlequins all over again as well as recommend her to anyone in this entire world. She is great!!!

    Mary and Andy Crabtree of Colorado.

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