We welcome families to come and personally pickup their pup by appointment only.  I prefer to meet away from my home some in a safe public area.   We no longer live in a society where it is safe or even remotely realistic to allow strangers to come to our homes.  A lot of folks have lost their lives by allowing strangers into their homes.  I prefer to keep myself and my family safe and will meet a puppy buyer in a well-lit place with others around to help deter getting hurt or killed.
 We will gladly meet a family within a short distance to purchase a puppy for those having to make long trips for a travel fee of $150.  This is generally as far north as Little Rock, AR.  West as  Shreveport, LA or Texarkana, AR/TX.  South as Monroe, LA and East as  Winona or Jackson, MS.   Further travel can be accommodated if needed for a travel fee of $50/hour of travel time.  
We will meet families that wish to fly in and pick their pups up from the Bill Clinton National Airport in Little Rock, AR , the Love Field Airport in Dallas, TX or the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in Dallas, TX for a travel fee of $50/hour of travel time.
We do have a flight nanny service that can accommodate distance travel of pups when needed.  Flight nanny services fees depend on the time of travel and how far a pup must travel.  Fees usually range from $500-$700. Pups are delivered to the Little Rock, AR airport and transferred to the flight nanny.
We also have a ground transport service that we work with when other means of transport is not available.  The ground transporter fees depend on time of travel and how far a pup must travel.  Fees usually range from $350-$700.

*****We DO NOT ship our pups by Airline Cargo*******