Comes in varying shades from light blonde color to a deep dark mahogany.  Red is the lighter genetic type with NO black tipping on hair.  Stag Red is the darker genetic type with black tips on hairs.  ​Nose can be Black or Brown.  Brown nosed Red is the Red dog expressing they carry the brown gene.







Blue-Fawn is the dilution of the black hairs on a Stag Red dog instead of the whole coat being diluted.  A blue-fawn has a blue pigmented skin making the coat appear a Peachy cream color.
To be breed standard Blue-Fawns must have Blue noses, blue eye rims and blue paw pads.
Blue-Fawns DO NOT have tan/rust points.






 Black and Tan Brindle:
This is a dual pattern where the merle and brindle pattern is expressed on the same dog.  The Merle and Brindle genes are located on separate loci’s, therefore it is safe to breed these two patterns together.
White Spotting
Black and Tan Tuxedo Rat Terrier
Black and Tan Merle Piebald Harlequin Pinscher