We only raise top Quality and Genetically tested pups!!     

Our puppies are microchipped and properly vaccinated and dewormed for age at time of departure.  Our pups also have a 14 day general health guaranteed, genetic health guaranteed and come with a puppy starter pack that includes food, treats and toys.

To purchase a puppy, a puppy inquiry form must be submitted and a reservation fee of $200 is required to reserve a pup and the remaining payment is required in full including shipping and delivery fees by the time it is 8 weeks old.  Unless other arrangements are made between buyer and seller.

Deposits/Payments are accepted through WALMART-WALMART transfer, personal/cashier check, pay pal, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle or Postal money order.  Postal Money order, cashier/personal check are only accepted up until 15 days before delivery, pickup or shipping.  Cash only at pickup.

Call/Text   1-870-737-3328 or  1-870-737-3325
 Email:  hilltopharlequins@yahoo.com
Text Messages will get a quicker response
1.  Make sure you are prepared mentally, physically, emotionally and financially about purchasing a puppy before contacting us. 

1.  We are straight-forward on information and answer all questions to the best of our ability.

2.  We do offer an option to be placed on anticipated litter waiting list before a litter is whelped.  A puppy inquiry must be submitted and a reservation fee of $200 is required to be placed on the list.   This gives me as the breeder knowing I have families waiting on pups  and gives the awaiting  families the comfort of knowing they will be contacted inorder when a litter is whelped to have option of pups before they are placed available on the website. 

Families that are placed on the waiting list have the option to pick from litters when they arrive in the order as they are placed on the list.  (first inquiry gets first choice, second inquiry gets second choice and so forth).

3.   Reservation fees of  $200 are required to be placed on the anticipated waiting list or to hold the puppy until it is ready to go.  Puppies must be paid in full by the time it is 8 weeks old.  Unless other arrangements are made.  Deposits are Non-Refundable unless the reason for not acquiring the reserved pup is deemed an emergency or puppy expires.

4.   Delay in making the determination and deposit/payment of the puppy of your choice, could result in it being sold to another party.

5.   We will hold a puppy without a deposit if buyer is in-route to pick up or has made prior arrangements for us to hold animal for no more than 48 hours.

6.  We do respond to all emails, phone calls and text messages.  We have found that texting is easier since we have our phones with us most of the time.  Emails and phone calls will be answered or returned in a timely manner.

To all potential puppy buyers:

Buying a puppy can be a wonderful experience or it can turn into a nightmare.  

 Unfortunately there are many scammers at this time that have websites and fake facebook profiles.  Also,  the Harlequin Pinscher breed is being copied by several unethical breeders.  They are attempting to and have produced puppies with the merle, piebald and brindle patterns by cross breeding Miniature Pinschers with other breeds.  Please beware of these frauds.  There are also breeders that breed only for the money.  Hopefully we can help you avoid some of the pitfalls of purchasing a puppy.   If you have any concerns about a breeder, feel free to contact me and ask.

Know the facts BEFORE you put a deposit down on a puppy. Don’t be fooled!  I can’t stress this enough.  ***DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!***

ADVOID any claimed Harlequin Pinscher, merle Min Pin or ??? puppy that is not HARLEQUIN PINSCHER ASSOCIATION registered (HPA) or if breeder can not prove HPA lineage of their dogs.  A Purebred Harlequin Pinscher must be HPA registered or have proof of parentage from  HPA lineages.   If not then it’s very likely they are crossbreeds and NOT true Harlequin Pinschers!!

Any Harlequin Breeder should be able to produce lineage documentations (pedigrees) to prove their Harlequin lines back to the foundation dogs at HPA  Pedigrees are very important to Ethical Breeders.  Ethical Breeders use the Pedigrees to produce the BEST and the Healthiest puppies they can produce.

ADVOID anyone that claims to have available pups but will not speak to you directly on the phone.

ADVOID anyone with unregistered pups. 

 All ethical breeders should have papers on their puppies to prove the puppies  lineages.  Puppies without papers could be said to be anything with no proof to back it.  When purchasing a Harlequin Pinscher look for HPA registration or proof of HPA lineage.  Ethical breeders selectively breed their dogs for desired traits to better their breed and register them accordingly with their chosen registry.  Those breeding unregistered puppies or refuse to provide PROOF of parentage are not working toward bettering their breed.  They are only breeding for monetary gain and adding to the rescue/ pound problem of homeless dogs.

ADVOID anyone that claims to have available pups but will not send additional pictures of pups, pups parents or group picture of all pups in litter.

Pictures can say a lot for a breeder.  Puppies of ethical breeders will be clear, clean, well groomed and presented nicely in pictures because they care.  Some breeders aren’t real smart at times either as you will often times see in their pictures of crates stacked up so you know their dogs live in those small crates – How sad for the dogs being subjected to that type of restricted life.  Blurry or fuzzy pics, poop in the pics, junk in the background, proud beer drinkers,  bad language to half dressed individuals. ALL of this paints a picture and not a very good one in my eyes.  Are these puppies actually what the seller say they are?  I try not to judge but it’s hard to overlook things that distracts from the puppy itself.

ADVOID any website with seemingly cheap pups, multiple pups with multiple picture backgrounds, pups with different ear crops, cross gender names (Rosie for a male pup), has bad grammar in the sites description or puppies description.  Chances are high that these are scam sites.

ADVOID websites that do not have the breeders name, location or any contact info other than a email.  Chances are high that these are scam sites.