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Finding the best way to house train a puppy can be just as daunting as actually house training your puppy!


House training is the first task we are faced with when we bring a new puppy home, while internet advice abounds, it’s hard to know which advice is trustworthy and will help us quickly and efficiently house train our puppy, and which is risky and may actually be the cause of long term house soiling habits that are hard to fix.
Clickety Split, as professional dog trainers and breeders has developed and perfected house training plans for a wide variety of puppies and their owners.   They can provide you with the skills, techniques, and practical advice to quickly house train your puppy, while preventing undesirable habits.
Here at Hilltop Harlequins we have incorporated POOP SCHOOL  by Clickety Split into our program and highly recommend new families and awaiting families to enroll in the course.  The course is located on the FACEBOOK platform and their is a fee for their services.  I promise YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!
Poop School House Training Basics: $50
Poop School House Training Premium: $100
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