Thankyou for considering us for your new best friend!!

Please contact us directly before submitting this inquiry to insure that we have  an anticipated litter on the way!!!!

Thank you for taking the time to complete this application.  These questions are for the sole purpose of matching you and your family with the perfect puppy. Keep in mind, there is no right or wrong answers, and you will never be judged.  However, if you do not complete this application in full (please use complete sentences! when necessary) you will not be considered for a puppy. Feel free to type your answers on a separate email and return them that way.  By submitting this application of emailing me your answers, you are virtually “signing” this document.  Take the time to answer fully where applicable. This is your introduction, make it count!  Also, please be aware that you are not guaranteed a puppy just for completing this application.

Once your application is received,  I will  send you a email or text message (which ever you choose on the application) to discuss further options.  I do have a anticipated litter waiting list.  The number of spots is usually 5-10 depending on how many confirmed litters are on the way.  A $200 reservation fee is required to be placed on the list.  Order of placement is determined by order of applications received and accepted by me.  Also, order of puppy choosing is determined by order of applicant in case more than one desires the same color/pattern or gender of pup.

***If this application is being submitted on inquiry of a current pup available.  Please include the pups description title in the “Are you looking for a male or female puppy?” space on the application.  Email me at or text me at 870-737-3328 once you submit your application to ensure the pup of interest doesn’t get spoken for by another family.  I do not answer strange phone calls due to all the spam calls going on so please email or text me first.***