The Harlequin Meagle
The Harlequin Meagle is a designer hybrid between the purebred Harlequin Miniature Pinscher and the purebred Beagle.
The resulting hybrid is a cuddly, sprightly, family-oriented dog that is cute, intelligent and LOVES attention. The Harlequin Meagle is naturally curious and has a keen nose that is not afraid to use it to inspect everything. They can be mischievous and a little stubborn. They are naturally kid friendly and social with strangers. They do benifit with early socialization as well as proper attention and consistent training to prevent any bad behaviors from developing. They have a flexible character thats eager to please and enjoy being with their families both indoors and outdoors.
Breed Standard
The Harlequin Meagle does not have any set “breed standard” as it is a hybrid, meaning it is a cross of 2 well-known and established breeds. Looks, character and size may vary individually. The best way to understand the potential type of dog a Harlequin Meagle may be is to review the histories, including health and character traits of the parent breeds.
PURPOSE:     Companion
AVERAGE SIZE:        Height: 10-16 inches Weight: 10-20 lbs
Head:          Slight dome or flat
Ears:           Normally Floppy or Button style.  Larger than the Pinscher but typically smaller than the Beagle.
Muzzle:      Typically small,Strong and fits well into skull.
Eyes:            Amber to Brown or greenish grey.  Varies depending on coat coloration. One or both eyes may be bi                                                                       colored or blue if the coat is merle patterned. Slightly oval shaped with a gentle and playful expression.
Nose:           Self colored to coat. May be Black, Brown, Blue or Bi colored.  
Body:           Being a hybrid it can vary individually but typically should be athletic, strong and well muscled with a                                                                  arched neck, deep chest, well sprung ribs and level back.  
 Coat:           Can be either course with short to medium hair or silky. Tan points on face, chest and legs. Colors may
                          include Black/Tan, Brown/Tan, Blue/Tan or Fawn/Tan with or without Tri, merle, brindle or piebald                                                                    pattern.
 Tail:               Can be full length or docked. Set high and held erect. Full lengths are typically held high or carried over their backs.
 Feet:              Can vary but typically should be compact and round with thick pads.  Nails typically short and blunt like.
Parent Breeds
Both parent breeds are popular and lively with detailed histories.
The Harlequin Miniature Pinscher is a patterned variety of the Miniature Pinscher. It is also known as several other names with the most common being the Fancy Min Pin, Merle Miniature Pinscher or Harlequin Pinscher. Being a part of the Terrier group, the Harlequin Miniature Pinscher possesses keen intelligence, vigilance, courage, strong will and animation. They are truly a big dog in a small package. They are also structurally well balanced, sturdy with a compact and a naturally well groomed smooth coat.
The Harlequin Miniature Pinscher derived from the Harlequin Pinscher and shares a common ancestry with the Miniature Pinscher.
You may read more details about the Harlequin Miniature Pinscher at the following website:
The Beagle is a small and compact hunting dog and loyal companion. They are a part of the hound group. The Beagle is a happy-go-lucky, funny, and cute dog that enjoys companionship and are generally easygoing.
You may read more details about the Beagle at the following website:
Grooming: The Harlequin Meagle is typically a easy keeper. It has a short to medium length coat and is a moderate shedding dog. It is not hypoallergenic. Weekly brushing is recommended. Nails need to be kept trimmed regularly.
Exercise: Daily exercise and plenty of mental stimulation is a must for this sprightly dog or he may develop mischievous or unwanted behaviors. A secure fenced backyard or dog park is ideal for the Harlequin Meagle to burn some energy. They are the happiest when they have company (whether human or canine). A Harlequin Meagle who is left alone inside or outside for long periods of time will tend to become bored and destructive.
Feeding: The Harlequin Meagle is very food motivated and is known to scarf down their food and gorge themselves if given the chance. A feeding schedule with small frequent meals would benifit them the best. The amount of food at each meal will vary from individual to individual depending on their size. They would also benifit with slow feeders at meal time aswell. Treat dispensers and puzzles are idea to slow their eating habits and double as a enrichment activity.
The Harlequin Meagle does well on a high-quality dog food (appropriate for age) whether commercially manufactured or home-prepared with your veterinarian’s supervision and approval. They can be prone to getting overweight, so watch your dog’s calorie consumption and weight level. Treats can be an important aid in training, but giving too many can cause obesity. Clean, fresh water should be available at all times.
The Harlequin Meagle is a intelligent and always eager to please. They can be stubborn but are typically easy to train with patience, positive reinforcement and a little creativity. They do not respond well to harsh techniques which can lead to unwanted behavioral issues.
Due to hybrid vigor, The Harlequin Meagle are generally healthy dogs. Both parent breeds are prone to certain health issues and do have a few of the same. You may follow the links under the parent breeds above to read more about each parent breed and their health concerns. Responsible breeders should test their parent dogs for genetic health conditions and other testable health concerns to ensure their pups has as much of a long and healthy life as possible.