ACR/HPA Information

American Cainine Registry

and the

 Harlequin Pinscher Association

The American Cainine Regisrty (ACR) ACR is both a dog registry and the mother registry to a large and ever-growing group of breed associations.  ACR has established, stable and genetic based breed standards.  ACR’s commitment to health, genetics and individual dog Identification is unsurpassed by any other registry.  ACR’s name has never changed and the owners of the registry is an American family-based group.​

HPA is a subsidiary of the mother registry ACR and was formed solely for the documentation and registration of the Harlequin Pinscher and is now the most respected registry for the Harlequin Pinschers.  No other registry can furnish Harlequin Pinscher breeders with the original documentation of the Harlequin Pinschers.  HPA has the only founding pedigree database for the Harlequin Pinscher​ and the only certified pedigree ​database approved by the founding breeder .  Only Harlequin Pinschers can be registered with HPA.   Harlequin puppies registered with HPA must be Merle, Merle/Piebald, Merle/Brindle,Piebald, or Brindle in color.  All other colors born into a harlequin litter are registered with ACR.


Registration fees are $25.00 per dog.  $25.00 per litter.

HPA is taking the stand to eliminate any and all genetic defects possible.  We want the HPA logo to stand for quality.   The HPA is setting the standard for SUPER HIGHWAY BREEDERS.  ​The HPA breeders are laying the dirt work for a Sound Foundation of Harlequin Pinschers.

ONLY DNA VERIFIED AND GENETICALLY CLEAR stock will be allowed HPA registration.

ALL dogs used in HPA breeding programs must be either ACR or HPA registered.

ALL currently registered dogs will be grandfathered in until which time they produce a litter and a litter request is submitted.

ANY dog submitted for registration MUST have a minimum 3 generation pedigree submitted with application for registration or it will be denied registration.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  Pedigrees MUST be from an established Pedigree Service/Registry recognized by ACR. 

ALL dogs are REQUIRED to be micro chipped PRIOR to submission for registration and microchip number submitted with application for registration.

ALL puppies submitted for registration with the HPA must be micro chipped and numbers must be submitted along with registration applications.
ALL breeding dogs  will be required to be tested CLEAR of  MPS VI, PLL, Cystinuria.
ALL males must be DNA Verified and have 2 descended testicles.  A Vet paper stating descended testicles or a pic will be required.
ALL females producing 3 or more registered litters will be required to be DNA verified.
ALL dogs with carrier or affected results will be removed from the HPA database and rolled over to the ACR database.   
Only puppies from DNA verified and genetically cleared parents will be registered as Clear By Parentage with HPA.  A paewntal DNA parenity test will be required.
Puppies born from Carriers and test CLEAR will be rolled over to HPA.
Breeders that do not wish to do the required testing or have Carrier/Affected animals your dog’s will be placed into the ACR.   
Carrier/Affected dogs can only be bred to clear mates to recieve ACR litter papers on the pups.
At this time the HPA is taking good faith on a dog meeting breed standard and free of hip, leg and bite issues. Should these become of concern in future then Vet Certification may be required.
 All dogs will be DNA swabed at every show for future identification if needed.  HPA/ACR may also request DNA swabs and any person refusing or ignoring request for submission will be denied future 
registration privileges and current dogs owned will be elevated to suspended registrations. 
New  Policy Begining 01/07/16
ALL Litter Registrations are required to be submitted within 6 months of whelping to get the $25.00 litter registration price.
ALL Dogs are to be submitted for registration within 1 year of Age to get the $25.00 registration price.
Litters submitted after 6 months of whelping will be $65.00.
Dog registrations received after 1 year of age will be charged $65.00
Dual Registration
Any dog submitted for registration MUST have a minimum 3 generation pedigree submitted with application for registration or it will be denied registration.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  Pedigrees MUST be from an established Pedigree Service/Registry recognized by ACR.

The following are a few of the registries that are accepted for dual registration when accompanied with 3-Gen. pedigree. We do accept others based on information submitted by a given individual.  We also reserve the right to refuse any submittedfor any reason. 

  • AKC – American Kennel Club
  • UKC – United Kennel Club
  • CKC – Canadian Kennel Club
There are NO Membership fees and there are no members of HPA/ACR.  Registers are granted registration privileges only
  HPA/ACR reserves the right to refuse registration if they feel the animal is not a suitable candidate for the welfare of the Harlequin Pinscher.
​If you want your dogs health testing information, Vet confirmed height, length, weight, ear set or  DNA to be on future pedigrees then send it in and ACR will put ​it in their database so future pedigrees will show it all.
Only those dogs verified by a Judge, Show Personnel, HPA/ACR representative or licensed veterinarian will be given Size classification as Toy, Miniature or Standard.   All others will be registered as broad category of “Harlequin Pinscher”.
 For more information about the American Cainine Association contact:

                           American Canine Registry

                        PO Box 249
                            Genoa, AR. 71840

For more information about the Harlequin Pinscher Association contact:

                   Harlequin Pinscher Association

                  PO Box 360
                      Fouke, AR. 71837 
       HPA Director at Large                                     HPA Co-Director       
Nancy @ 430-200-8170                                    Jan @ 870-737-3328