HPA COE’s and Procedures


Code of Ethics & Procedure Standards

The Harlequin Pinscher Association, hereby known as the HPA,  maintains certain policies to guide the approved breeders of the HPA with respect to standards of conduct expected in areas where improper acts and/or behavior could damage the reputation of both it’s member and/or the Association itself.

The purpose of this Policy is to affirm, in a comprehensive statement, required standards of conduct and practices with respect to breeding, sales, care of animals, registration, membership and the use of the HPA (*Harlequin Pinscher Association) name.

A breeders actions under this Policy are significant indications of the individual’s judgement and competence.  As such, those actions constitute an important element in the evaluation of the breeders acceptance to remain a member, in good standing, with the HPA.

Correspondingly, disregard of the principles (*failure to follow) of this Policy will be grounds for appropriate and immediate disciplinary action as seen fit by the HPA Directors.

The HPA will conduct it’s business honestly and ethically.  The HPA will constantly strive to adhere to high standards and ethical business practices.

Employees of the HPA shall not buy or sell securities of a Competitor Company.

Employees or past Employees of the HPA shall not provide any Competitor Company with any information in relation to the HPA, it’s Database or it Members.


The HPA expects all breeders to use only legitimate methods of receiving and/or making payments.
Unethical actions which result in unfavorable outcomes when dealing with others in either receiving and/or making of payments is prohibited.

The HPA does not dictate the method of which a person may receive and/or make payments other than to dictate the highly unethical procedure of charging a buyer a PERCENTAGE FEE when allowing certain methods of payments.  A Percentage fee and/or upcharge is not an accepted policy as set by the HPA.

No Member of the HPA or affiliated Company acting on the HPA’s behalf shall, in violation of any applicable law, offer or make directly or indirectly through any other person or firm any payment of anything of value (*money, animal, gift or otherwise) to:

*  any person or firm employed by or acting for or on behalf of the HPA or one of it’s Members, for the purpose of inducing or rewarding        any favorable action by the HPA, a Judge or one of it’s Members.
*  any governmental official, Animal Rights Association, Rescue or Humane Society, for the purpose of inducing punishment to a fellow          member which would reward favorable benefits to a member.

In utilizing consultants, agents, sales representatives or others, the HPA and it’s Members will employ only reputable, qualified individuals or firms under compensation agreements, which are reasonable in relation to the services performed.   Consultants, agents or representatives retained in relation to the provision of goods or services must agree to comply with all laws, regulations and HPA policies governing acceptable conduct.

The provisions of this section are not intended to apply to ordinary and reasonable business transactions not of substantial value, not in violation of law.


The HPA will not make any contribution to any political party or to any candidate for political office out of respect to it’s Members which consist of a variety of Political Parties.

Any employee, Member, Buyer or affiliate who is requested to make, authorize or agree to any offer or payment which is or may be, contrary to this Policy will promptly report such information to the HPA.
Upon HPA acquiring information (*for example, newspaper reports,  website content, reports from Members, or statements of individuals involved) that gives the HPA reason to believe that a Employee, Affiliate, Member, or other person or firm engaged in conduct forbidden by this policy, the HPA will take appropriate action in a timely manner.


It is the objective of the HPA:

* to comply with all laws of the United States
*  to hold Employees, Affiiates, Members and others personally and strictly accountable for their actions.

*  to allow HPA membership and/or Registration to only those ethical Harlequin Pinscher Breeders and/or Harlequin Pinscher Owners with registerable HPA Harlequin Pinschers who register their Harlequin Pinschers with HPA, ACR and APR and NO OTHER REGISTRY.
*  to allow Inclusion of Harlequin Pinschers for breeding purposes to only those Harlequin Pinschers genetically tested and found to be clear of MPS VI, PLL and Cystinuria.

*  to allow inclusion of Harlequn Pinschers for breeding purposes to only those Harlequin Pinscher Sires which have a DNA profile on file with ACR, HPA and/or APR for parentage I.D. purposes.
*  to allow inclusion of only Harlequin Pinschers into the HPA database which have been micro-chipped  and for which the microchip number is included on paperwork.
*  to put in place acceptable procedure standards for Employees, Affiliates, Members and breeders at large.

Discussion and Exchange of Information With Competitors

Communication with a competitor on subjects as to which an understanding with the the competitor would be illegal is strictly forbidden.

No Member, Employee or Affiliate shall discuss or give access to any HPA Registrations, Pedigrees or other protected information for any reason to any Competitor of the HPA.

Participation in Trade Associations and Other Meetings with Competitors

A.   No employee,  HPA Judge or HPA Member shall attend or remain present :

1.  at any surreptitious meeting of competitors;

2.  at any meeting where there is a discussion by competitors of any subject which is in reference to or believed to be in reference to the HPA.

3.  at any informal meeting of competitor Companies and/or Members of a trade association held for the purpose of discussing business matters without observing the formal procedural requirements established by trade associations and the Roberts Rules of Order  for business meetings.

B.   Any Employee, HPA Judge, and/or HPA Member planning to attend or participate in any Competitors Functions, for any reason, should receive prior approval from HPA.

C.   Any Employee, HPA Judge and/or HPA Member found to of engaged in a Competitors Meeting, furnished Registration Information or Pedigrees found in the HPA database, or engaged in any type of discussions with Competitors in regards to the Harlequin Pinscher will be subject to immediate suspension and/or life-time ban from the HPA.


The HPA has set in place the highest procedure standards in the industry for it’s Employees, Affiliates and Members for both the way they conduct business and for the matter in which they treat their animals.

A.  All animals in Employee, Affiliate or Members possession shall:

1.  Be fed an adequate amount of food daily.

2.  Have 24/7 access to an acceptable clean source of water.

3.  Be housed appropriately for their Environment.

4.  Be housed in a clean environment.

5.  Have appropriate Medical Attention and/or Vaccinations as needed and/or required.

B.  All Harlequin Pinschers in HPA Members possession shall:

1.  Be registered with HPA and/or ACR and/or APR.  (*NO OTHER REGISTRY AFFILIATION)

2.  All Harlequin Pinschers being used for breeding be Genetics Tested for MPS VI, PLL and  Cystinuria and results made known to buyers in addition to results be on file with HPA, ACR and/or APR.

3.  All Harlequin Pinscher Sires being used for breeding have a DNA profile on file with HPA, ACR and/or APR.

4.  All Harlequin Pinscher dams registering their 3rd litter have a DNA profile on file with HPA, ACR and/or APR.

C.   No Employee, Affiliate or Member is to release any Harlequin Pinscher to any Animal Rescue, Humane Society or Placement Service other than the approved Established Rescue set up by the ACR known as “Time Counts Rescue”.

D.  No  Member is to charge a Percentage or Up-charge Fee for any method of payment they accept.  Fees are considered to be a cost of doing business and are not to be imposed upon the buyer.

E.  All Members are to treat buyers in a fair manner:

1.  Provide ALL buyers with ACR/HPA/APR Registration Papers at time of Puppy Possession change.  (*ALL ACR/HPA/APR papers  issued are FULL registration).

A Sellers may place limits of sale based on a signed contract.  It is however the responsibility of the Seller to enforce the contract.  ACR, HPA and/or APR does not enforce Contract between Buyer and Seller

F.  Members are to NEVER advertise a litter as HPA registerable without having ALREADY applied for Litter Papers on said Pup.

G.  ALL Members shall:

1.  Guarantee the known Tested Genetic Health of Pups/Dogs they sell/place.
2.  Give a minimum guarantee of 72 hours on pups health for Parvo and Distemper.
3.  Be willing to take back any animal they’ve sold/placed which would not compromise the health or well being of their current animals.  Compensation is not required.
4.  Ship/Deliver all healthy animals within a reasonable amount of time but no more than 4 weeks after full payment has been received by buyer or no later than 10 weeks of age for those pups spoken for and paid for in full prior to 8 weeks of age unless an agreement has been reached by both Buyer and Seller.

5.   Replace puppies or Refund Money as agreed upon by contract in a timely manner.
6.  Register their Harlequin Pinschers only with ACR, HPA and/or APR.  Use of any other competitive registry will be reason for suspension and/or life-time ban of member.
7.  Guard their Registration Papers and Pedigrees so as to protect them from being included in a competitive registry database.

8.  Use and accept  only appropriate, acceptable and legal methods of payment in association with ACR,  HPA, APR and their puppy buyers.

9.  Respond to the given Registry in a respectful  manner and supply requested paperwork within the time period requested.  Failure to do so may result in suspension or ban.

10.   Not have been convicted of an Animal Abuse or Neglect Charge by law enforcement.

11.  Not knowingly support a Unethical breeder or one of reasonably unacceptable reputation.

H.  HPA, ACR and APR shall:

1.  Process all paperwork in a timely manner,

2.  Enforce all rules, policies and standards to the best of their ability.

3.  Investigate all complaints and take appropriate action.

While HPA, ACR and/or APR may step in to assist buyers and/or sellers from time to time it is not the Policy of any of the registries to do so.  HPA, ACR and APR Policy is to advise the Seller to make “WISE CHOICES” when purchasing.  THE HPA, ACR and APR have some of the strongest policies in place of any Registry in which to regulate the Moral and Ethical Character of their Members/Breeders.
The HPA, ACR and APR will take every action necessary to protect the Harlequin Pinscher Breed, The Harlequin Pinscher Database and  the reputation of the Harlequin Pinscher.