Harlequin Pinscher Breed Standard for the American Canine Registry (*USA)
Approved 11/4/2007  –  Revised 2009 – updated 2017

Other Names:       Merle Miniature Pinscher
                          Merle/Piebald Miniature Pinscher
                           Piebald Miniature Pinscher
                          Brindle Miniature Pinscher
                          Fancy Min-Pin  

 Toy variety – 6-12 inches         Miniature Variety – 13-18 inches          Standard Variety – 19-24 inches 


Toy  4-12 pounds                  Miniature 13-18 pounds                       Standard 19-26 pounds 

Coat:     Short, Flat, Smooth, And Tight To The Body 


Colors:  Black, Brown, Blue or Fawn with Tan, Rust or Crème points (*ie Black/Tan)
              Red, Blue-Fawn or Tan (*solid no points)

Patterns:  Solid, Bi, Tri, Tuxedo, MERLE, Merle/Piebald or Piebald pattern.   Brindle pattern (*added in 2009)
               Combination patterns acceptable.   Additional Tweed pattern possible in association with Merle pattern.

Appearance:  Deer like in appearance being smooth-coated, alert, spirited and structurally well balanced, company and                     square bodied to slightly leggy.
Movement:  Quick, yet well balanced & graceful.

Temperament:  Loyal, and willing to please.  Happy.  Ready to defend family if necessary but eager to make friends.

Uses:  Companion – Ratting & Hunting



Skull:    Elongated, and broad.  Appears flat and tapers forward toward the muzzle. 
Eyes:     Dark, Blue or Green/Gold, bi is acceptable. 
Ears:    Cropped, Not cropped, tipped or natural erect.  If cropped must be cropped in proportion to head at 12-16 weeks                 of  age. 
Muzzle: Medium and tapering to an unexaggerated point. 
Nose:     Black on Black and Red base coated dogs.  Red dogs may also have self colored brown nose.  Brown on Brown and                Fawn.  Blue on Blue.  Blue on Blue/Fawn.  Brown on Tan (*added 2009)
Bite:      Scissor 
Teeth:   Clean, of correct number, shape and position. 
Neck:    Broad at shoulders, slightly arched. 

Topline: Level or slightly slopping toward the hind quarters. 
Chest:   Very deep, slightly barrel shaped, well formed with no exaggeration. 
Body:    Well muscled, square in form measuring within 1 inch of height from ground to point of wither as from bend of                   neck to bend of tail.. 
Legs:     Perfectly straight forelegs.  Length being justifiable to length of body to give a square visual appearance.   

Hind legs are angulated. 

         Toy: 4-10 inches from ground to point of elbow.  4-12 inches from ground to point of wither. 
         Miniature:  11-16 inches from ground to point of elbow.  13-18 inches from ground to point of wither.
         Standard:  17-24 inches from ground to point of elbow.  19-26 inches from ground to point of wither. 

Feet: Compact, arched toes, dewclaws removed on both front and back feet. 

Tail: Docked to be 1 to 2 inches long at maturity, set high.   Undocked tails are acceptable but not preferred and will be               placed below same quality dog with properly docked tail in class.  Natural Bobtail is acceptable.  

Proportional Appearance: 
Body: Perfect being 1 pound of body weight per inch of dog in height. 
Ears cut in proportion to head. 
Skull width and nose length in correct proportion for an overall gathered appearance. 
Gait: Deer like 
Any deviation from the breed standard such as but not limited to height/weight ratio, tail length, dewclaws, improper chest formation, unsocial, overly shy, timid.  Dirty teeth heavily penalized.
Not within height standard. 
Not within weight standard. 
Exaggerated difference in height/weight ratio. 
Coat being anything other than short, flat, smooth and tight to body. 
Any color, pattern or markings not listed in breed standard. 
Ears not of same set.  Ears that are not cut in proportion to head – Too short or too long. 
Any over-exaggeration of confirmation as stated by breed standard. 
Dewclaws on any legs. 
Bad Teeth, improperly aligned teeth. 
Tail docked to short.
Bad Temperament, Aggression, Inability to be controlled by owner/handler.  Dogs deemed by Judge or Show Personnel to have such temperaments MUST be removed immediately from the premises. 
Late to or missing pre-inspection, late to or missing registration, late to or missing call of any kind without PRIOR authorization by the Show Director. 


Judges decisions are final and will not be discussed.   A copy of Your score cards will be available to you and can be requested from ACR by fax or email a week after the show.
Judge has the sole discretion to drop placement if he feels there is not an adequate representative of the breed(s) in the class to justify award placement.

Dogs will be judged in a class group and individually.  Scores are accumulated from both for final scoring.  Class Groups may be broken down to Breed Group if deemed necessary by the number of entries present.

Class Group top scorers of 1, 2 and 3 are awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes.  1st place dog in each class goes on to the Superior Dog Class for “Show Awards”.  

All dogs are awarded their accumulated scores toward championship title points if the scores are of acceptable total and afforded according to ACR Show Rules/Policies/Standards.  Dogs advancing to advanced classes on same show day will receive ALL of their accumulated points.

Any dog without PRIOR authorization by the Show Director missing or late to their pre-inspection, registration, class call, individual call or award ceremony will be disqualified. 


Only those dogs verified by a Judge, Show Personnel, HPA/ACR representative or licensed veterinarian will be given Size classification as Toy, Miniature or Standard.   All others will be registered as broad category of “Harlequin Pinscher”.

Category:  Terrier – Harlequin Pinscher         Date: _________
Dogs Name: _____________________________________

Reg # __________________________________________

Microchip Number: ______________________   DNA: _____

Show: ____________________________________________

Judge(s): __________________________________________
Coat: (*Score 1-5) – Comment goes here if Judge so chooses:
Head/Teeth/Neck (1-10)
  Class Score

42.5 req’d to advance

Torso (1-10)
Legs/Feet (1-5)
Tail/Weight/Height (1-10)
Movement/Overall Appearance (1-7.5)
Temperament (1-2.5)
Total Points:  _________  Advanced: ______   Awarded: _____

42.5+ points in each class for a combined score of 85+ is required to advance points for accumulation toward titles.