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We have been a USDA licensed GROUP facility (not a kennel) since 2018,  LIC#  71-A-1385.  We are also Veterinarian approved and you are welcomed to call and speak to our vet directly at 870-265-4200 (Tues-Fri 9 am-5pm) if you would like to have a reference about me,  my program or my dogs.

Our pups are whelped and raised in house in a clean, well maintained and controlled environment.


Each female has their own capacious area to feel safe and comfortable with their pups.

Puppies recieve hands on care from birth until they go to their new families.  They are taught age appropriate socialization, problem solving skills and clean potty habits using the Puppy Culture protocols and lessons.   

Once weaned, pups enjoy their own roomy space (appropriate for their age/size) with their littermates and other pups where they master many of these skills that help shape their future.


Potential families are screened thouroughly to be sure that any potential pup is a good match for the family. 

All of our pups come standard with registration certificate**, microchip, vaccinations/anti-parasitic protocols (appropriate for age at departure), State of Arkansas licensed veterinary issued Health certificate (including fecal exam, girardia testing and coccidia testing) and a general/genetic guarantee puppy contract.

** Full Registration- pup comes with certificate to be registered and have breeding rights.

**Limited Registration- pup comes with certificate to be registered as pet only.  No breeding rights.

Please click the link below the pup of interest pictures and  fill out our puppy inquiry to inquire about one of our available pups. 

** Completed forms are one tool we use to screen families and help better match pups with potential families.  It also serves as a way to get to know you better. 

**I do check my email once a day.  Inquiries will be responded to in order of receipt.  If more than one inquiry is received on the same pup, the first inquiry has first choice to that pup. 

**To speed up the process.  Once you fill and submit a puppy inquiry form, feel free to text me directly at 870-737-3328 to let me know you submitted a application.