These puppies below have found their forever homes.  All of my puppies leave here and they take a piece of my heart with them! I miss each and everyone of them and I WOULD LOVE to receive updates and photos!!  There is just too much cuteness to put here.  We raise pups of all colors.   Visit my facebook page for pictures of my recent pups and updates.  Like our page to stay updated with the new litters to come!!

Litter 08/08/2017

Litter #1 08/10/2017

Litter #2 08/10/2017


Litter 03/06/2017













Litters  09/02/2016 and 09/04/2016




Litter   09/17/2015


Litter     03/04/2015


Litter 10/3/2014